About us

The CCA is the trade association for home credit industry in the UK and Republic of Ireland, promoting high standards of business and consumer relations.

Code of Practice and Constitution

CCA Code of Practice - Setting the standard of business practice for CCA members

The CCA’s Code of Practice, originally launched in 1984, was the first such code for an association of this type. A sister Code was launched in the Republic of Ireland in 1990 with the support of the Trade and Commerce Minister.

Today it is the basis of everything we do and say. It is continuously updated and sets out the standards of business practice for members of the CCA.

Measuring up to the high standards

To maintain the high standards required of our members, discipline has always been part of the Code and the association has the power to take the ultimate sanction of expulsion, if a member fails to comply. There are due processes set in the Code for customers, for members and for the association.

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Download CCA Constitution - PDF

CCA membership – our logo is a mark of distinction

Member companies can be identified easily by the use of the CCA logo which appears on their stationery. So you can be sure that if you see the CCA logo on a lender’s documents, they operate to the highest standards.

CCA News

CCA News - January 2015 cover

Our quarterly magazine, CCA News, keeps our members up to date with all the latest news and issues affecting the home credit industry.

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